Blogmas Day 9 | First Lines Friday: Kiss Her Once For Me by Alison Cochran

Hey honeybees! Today I wanted to try a blog meme I don’t think I’ve done before: First Lines Friday. This is where you share the first line/lines of your current read. I’m currently reading Kiss Her Once For Me by Alison Cochran and I’m not too deep in the book yet, so don’t worry about any spoilers (and please don’t share any spoilers in this post!).

“Snow days are a special kind of magic.

When I was a kid, snow days meant freedom from the stress of school and from the debilitating social anxiety I felt there. On a snow day, I could wander outside and make friends as easily as packing a snowball between my gloved palms.”

I like that the social anxiety rep is introduced so quickly in the book, but honestly the beginning of this book is a bit lackluster for me so far. I’m hoping I’ll love it just as much as everyone else, and as much as I loved The Charm Offensive.

Have you read Kiss Her Once For Me Yet? If not, what are you currently reading?

I feel like everyone has either read this book or is reading this book, so it’s weird to actually be on trend for once. I’m usually miles behind lol.

That’s all for now honeybees. I hope you’re enjoying these blogmas posts!

Thank you for reading! Find me on Twitter, Instagram, and Goodreads for more bookish content and chats. See you soon!


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