2020 Bookish Goals and Resolutions!

Happy New Year honeybees! 2020 is here, I am alive, you are alive, and I’m looking forward to a crazy/beautiful/wonderful/busy year!

I’ve been reflecting a lot on who I am and who I want to be, especially as a voice in the book community. It all boils down to this: I want to highlight the things that bring me joy and inspire positivity and happiness in others.

So I’m focusing on what makes me, me. I don’t want to stress about living up to other’s perceptions of me or competing with anyone. No harsh, unattainable schedules. Just steps forward to reaching my goals. I’m excited!

Bookish Goals

And my list of goals reads as follows

  • Read 60 books. I don’t think this is at all unattainable. I’m working on making time for reading even with a busy school schedule and I have people around me that are very supportive of my reading.
  • Read the books I want. Last year, I tried to keep up with the trends and I said yes to more review copies than I should have, which put me in slump after slump. So I’m going to be very selective about the review copies I ask for/accept and let myself read whatever I feel like!
  • Prioritize Latinx. Okay, have you SEEN all the recent Latinx releases? We are BLESSED and I wish I could read every single Latinx book out there (because quite frankly, if it’s Latinx then I’m 5x more likely to love it and relate to it) but I’ve been putting other books ahead of those that I really want to read. Not this year. I have my Latinx reads lined up and I’m ready to love them all!
  • Be more prompt with reviews. Honestly, I lag way more than I should. I’ll post something on my Instagram and then take a week to publish the blog post. Towards the end of the year I started to get better with it, but hopefully with less slumps I can read and review books faster in 2020.
  • Grow my social media accounts. Briefly, I wanted to give the milestones that I would love to reach this year, and will work hard to achieve.
    Instagram – 5,000 followers
    Blog – 350 subscribers
    Twitter – 250 followers

If anyone has tips for growing on Twitter, that would be great. I feel so awkward and irrelevant on there.

  • Read from the books I own. I don’t have a problem with buying books but I do read mostly borrowed/gifted books. My physical TBR isn’t getting any shorter so I need to start reading books from my shelves.

I think that just about does it. I hope you have a wonderful year and I look forward to seeing everything unfold in 2020.

Thanks for reading! For more bookish content, follow me on Goodreads, Instagram, and Twitter. See you in the next post. Love, Destiny

4 thoughts on “2020 Bookish Goals and Resolutions!

  1. thewolfandbooks says:

    I just followed you on Twitter! I made my goal to read more books on my shelf as well and I definitely need to read more Latinx. I bought Nocturna and Gods of Jade and Shadow in 2019, now I just need to read those and the fabulous look 2020 releases.

    Liked by 1 person

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