September Wrap Up: I Surprised Myself With This One

Hello again honeybees! The end of the month was such a surprise to me. I can’t believe it’s October! I read so much more than I thought I would this month because my goal was just to read freely.

I ended up enjoying most of my reads! I’ll stop rambling and get into them.

Books Read

⭑⭑⭑⭑½ 4.5/5

Even If We Break by Marieke Nijkamp

I wasn’t sure how I would feel about this and there were a few moments where I wasn’t feeling it, but for the most part I found the premise unique and super engrossing. I loved the chronic illness rep and the narration.

⭑⭑⭑ 3/5

You Owe You by Dr. Eric Thomas

*Thank you Penguin Random House for the complimentary audiobook!

This was okay. Repetitive in nature and literally throughout the book. I read nonfiction similar to this quite often and it wasn’t anything new or super fresh. I did enjoy learning about Dr. Thomas’s life but I did get bored among the repeated motivational messages that really didn’t motivate me too well. Overall it was a fine read.

⭑⭑⭑ 3/5

Now Is The Way by Cory Allen

*Thanks again PRH for the complimentary audiobook!

I’ve been interested in meditation and this was a great intro to that. It was too quick for me to really rate it anything higher than 3 stars, but I did enjoy it and gained more from it than my previous 3 star read. It was a calming explanation on meditation and I enjoyed the little guided moments. I read this a bit too fast, which is my fault completely, but it did feel a bit quick by the time I was done with it. I don’t think I would recommend it to people that have prior knowledge of meditation practices, but if you go in with nothing like me, you might enjoy it a lot!

⭑⭑⭑⭑ 4/5

Electric Idol by Katee Robert

I love Katee Robert’s books and I think she writes romance so brilliantly. This wasn’t my favorite in the series and I probably won’t continue with this Dark Olympus series just because I’m not super invested in the world/characters anymore. One thing I didn’t love about this was how long it was. Robert writes smut scenes better than most romance authors, but I rather have less of them if that means the plot is actually developing. Instead I feel like I read the same inner monologue and spicy scene five times before we moved forward towards the climax. Not a huge fan of the pacing but otherwise, another great read from her.

⭑⭑⭑⭑ 4/5

Gallant by V.E. Schwab

I didn’t expect to read Gallant ever but the audiobook was available on Libby (how???) and the only thing I knew about it was that there was a mute MC, which seemed intriguing. Schwab rarely disappoints and I’m happy to report that I loved this story! I got major Coraline vibes from the plot and the narrator performed the parts so well. (Honestly any non-American accent is usually such a comfort to listen to, like I’m getting read a bed time story). There was magic and family drama and it was unique and immersive. Another Schwab story that sucks you in and delivers the story you didn’t know you wanted to read.

A Lot Like Adiós by Alexis Daria

⭑⭑⭑½ 3.5/5

I’m actually a little disappointed in this one and I know I’m in the minority here. I loved You Had Me At Hola and I prefer it to A Lot Like Adios, although I do really appreciate the relationship that Michie and Gabe had and the complex relationships involved. I do love Daria’s writing and how she portrays a Latinx family (I missed my family so much while reading) and I know that I’ll enjoy my next read from her. This was a great read, I think I just expected to love it more than YHMAH, which might not be possible!

⭑⭑⭑⭑½ 4.5/5

Garlic and the Vampire by Bree Paulson

I was influenced to read this after my lovely friend @thoughttojot posted about it in their stories! It’s a super cute and short graphic novel about an anxious garlic that goes to confront a vampire that’s taken up residence outside the village. The illustrations were gorgeous and I just loved everything about it. I made my boyfriend read it and he equally enjoyed this little story about the sweet garlic and the vampire.

I didn’t expect to read this much in September while working and school starting but I’m proud of myself! I enjoyed most of my reads and I hope to take a bit of this momentum with me into next month!

How was your reading month? Did you do anything interesting in September? Find any new favorite books?

Thank you for reading! Find me on Twitter, Instagram, and Goodreads for more bookish content and chats. See you soon!


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