April Wrap Up: With High Expectations Comes…


Well, not always. But in this case it does.

Hello again honeybees! Long time no see, huh? I feel like I say that every time I post but my inconsistency has to stop at some point.

April was a trip. Two jobs, ER visits, COVID shots, drama, the whole lot. I really wanted to read at least 5 books but that just didn’t happen. I read less than my average three, so that just goes to show how well I perform with expectations placed on me.

Let’s break down what I did read this month.

Books Read

A Curse So Dark And Lonely by Brigid Kemmerer


Review coming…eventually because I absolutely adored this one. I was expecting to hate it and wow I got sucked in. It was the perfect book to have by my side as I went through surgeries and emotional situations. I don’t typically love retellings that veer so far away from the original (especially when Beauty and the Beast is concerned) but Kemmerer made me really care for the characters and plot. No spoilers but that love triangle? I hate it. And I love triangles so that’s saying something.

When Stars Are Scattered by Victoria Jamieson, Omar Mohamed, and Iman Geddy (Illustrator)


This was such a beautiful graphic novel. I went into it having absolutely no idea what it was about, but following Omar and his brother as they grow up in a refugee camp and strive to one day be reunited with their mother absolutely enthralled me. The gorgeous artwork paired with the story made me read at lightning speed. I loved rooting for the brothers and was very satisfied with the ending (I mean, it’s a true story so I would really wish the best for everyone involved). I highly recommend this graphic novel. If you’re a fast reader, it wouldn’t take you very long to finish either.

Unfortunately that was it. I started reading a few books in April but didn’t finish them. The state of my life has made me super slumpy but I’m really trying to jump back into everything before I fall deeper in the hole.

How was your April? Did you read/do anything interesting? Any new life updates you’d like to share?

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