July Wrap Up | Good Books All Month? Yes Please.

Hello again honeybees. I’m making this short because I’m having a flare up that’s affecting my arms (I have chronic myofascial pain syndrome) but I do want to get this out and be done with July.

What a month it was.

Not getting into specifics, I was a walking ball of anxiety all month and found it comforting yet stressful to disappear into books, so I just didn’t at times. Oops. But I still read some pretty solid books and there wasn’t a single thing I didn’t enjoy.

Books Read


Manifesting With The Law of Attraction by Monique Joiner Siedlak

This was a quick little read on manifestation and the law of attraction, which I’ve been doing a lot these past months because stress. It was too short to be anything super useful, but it was entertaining enough. I kind of just listened to it to make me feel like I was doing something.

5/5 (all the stars)

Lobizona by Romina Garber

God I loved this book. I love this book. Full review eventually but trust me when I say that if you love fantasy do not sleep on this one.

4/5 stars

Pet by Akwaeke Emezi

I really enjoyed this one! I was hesitant at first because I heard it read like a middle grade (it does, so be aware if you’re expecting to read this soon) but it was such a fun and enjoyable read with great themes. I get the hype for this one and I’ve recommended it quite a lot since finishing.


Beautifully Cruel by J.T. Geissinger

I really enjoyed this one! It was quick and enjoyable. I was invested in the romance and their relationship. I didn’t really get all of the lust over the love interest but that’s just me. Overall, a good read.


Get A Life, Chloe Brown by Talia Hibbert

This was such a good and refreshing read. I stayed on my romance with some bedroom action trend but this had disability rep which was just wonderful and it felt so good to be represented. The two main characters were adorable and I had a great time watching their story unfold.

Total books read: 5

Four of these were read during the reading rush and one after, but I’m not mad. This was a pretty solid reading month.

Other Bookish Happenings

  • I reached 4k followers on Instagram! I’m so shocked, really, that people follow me. People like my content. Insane.
  • Colored Pages booked our first tours! If you don’t know, I’m 1/10th of a blog tour company that promoters QTPOC and diverse lit and strives to put those books into the hands of Own Voice reviewers. We got our first tours booked and they’re happening in August so I’m excited!!
  • I got to collab with CaseApp again! Being more of an influencer was a goal of mine this year (it’s fun, I’m a gen Z kid don’t judge) so things like this are always exciting.
  • I requested too many ARCs on Netgalley. Read about that here and expect my ARC August TBR soon.

Okay I said this wouldn’t be super long so I’m not adding all the posts I uploaded this month, but I’d love for you all to check them out if you have time.

What did you read in July? Any great books finished? Have you read any of these books? Let’s discuss!

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post. Please consider following for more posts like this! You can also find me on Instagram, Twitter, and Goodreads, buy me a cup of coffee on ko-fi, or you can buy books I no longer want on Depop. Thanks again for reading! Bye for now honeybees.

Love, Destiny

4 thoughts on “July Wrap Up | Good Books All Month? Yes Please.

  1. Kathy @ Pages Below the Vaulted Sky says:

    Oh I’m so sorry about the anxiety. I definitely get what you mean by “comforting yet stressful” when it comes to books. Wishing for a better month for you ❤ And ahhh I'm excited to hear your thoughts on Lobizona. Been hearing amazing things about it and I definitely want to get to it sometime soon! Oh and congrats on 4k for instagram – your pics are so, so gorgeous ❤


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