Mid Year Book Freakout Tag 2020 | Where Did The Good Books Go?

Hey honeybees! It’s interesting because with these tags, people always say “can you believe we’re already halfway through the year?” but this year seems like it’s lasted a century. This year hasn’t been kind to many of us and in my case, my reading has been one of the things affected by this weird enchantment cast on us on January 1st.

Here’s the link to my 2019 post if you’re interested in that.

Best Book You’ve Read So Far?

This is a toughy. Not because there’s so many to choose from, but because the vast majority of my reads have been tragically mediocre. There’s been quite a few DNFs for this very reason (post on that to come very soon).

Two of my top reads would have to be Thirteen Doorways, Wolves Behind Them All by Laura Ruby and Gods of Jade and Shadow by Silvia Moreno-Garcia (it just so happens that I read those back to back in a moment of bliss).

I’m currently reading Lobizona and this is 100% going to be at the top of my “Best of 2020” list. Just saying. Go preorder/request from your library!

Best Sequel You’ve Read So Far?

*Consults my 14 read books on Goodreads* Yeah, no. The only “sequel” I’ve read this year was Prisoner of Azkaban by TERF Rowling, but I’m not big on series.

We’re only two questions in and this is boring, yikes!

New Release You Haven’t Read Yet, But Want To?

I’m pretty sure it was Carmen @ Tomes and Textiles on Instagram that first put me on to Slay by Brittney Morris, and I cannot wait to read it! Carmen pitched it as “Black girls who code and create worldwide phenomenon VR video games” and “If you took The Hate You Give and combined it with Ready Player One with a very strong dose of Black Panther, the logical conclusion to the equation would be Slay” so um?? I’m SO DOWN! This sounds amazing! I’m pretty sure I saw this on Scribd and I am determined to read it soon!

P.S. Follow Carmen because she’s amazing.

Most Anticipated Release For the Second Half of the Year?

Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas. Do I need to say more? I suppose I will. As of writing this post, I’m hopelessly failing my reading challenge (13/60 books read for the year). Once I get to read Cemetery Boys, I’ll be fine if I don’t read another book all year. Everything after this queer Latinx fantasy centered around my favorite holiday will be a bonus, but might also pale in comparison to this gorgeous book.

Biggest Disappointment?

Where do I even begin? I think I’ll go with my first read of the year, Canceled: Inside Youtube Cancel Culture by Chris Boutté. You can read my review here, but basically, I thought this would be an analytical look at Cancel Culture from the lens of someone who’s experienced it, rather than someone’s life story and pity party. I was looking for something more scientific and logical than what this offered.

Favorite New Author?

A new to me author that I can’t wait to read their backlist is Silvia Moreno-Garcia. The writing style and craftsmanship displayed in Gods of Jade and Shadow was enough to convince me to put everything they’ve ever written and will write on my TBR.

Newest Fictional Crush?

Hmm…I haven’t really vibed with any characters like that this year (I’m very picky and careful with my feelings for fictional characters). Still riding that Daemon Black wave because he is just everything! (I read Obsidian this time last year, for reference).

Newest Favorite Fictional Character?

Cassiopeia from Gods of Jade and Shadow! I loved her personality and spirit. She was bold and determined, and so so fierce. I connected with Cassiopeia instantly and from there I rooted for her the whole way.

Book That Made You Cry?

Gods of Jade and Shadow made me cry at the end. As well as Thirteen Doorways, Wolves Behind Them All by Laura Ruby. Thirteen Doorways really tried to wreck me.

Book That Made You Happy?

Currently, Lobizona is making me insanely happy because it’s SO good! I’m having such a good time reading it and yelling about it any chance I get.

This is your daily reminder to add Lobizona to your TBR because it’s Latinx fantasy excellence. People are comparing it to Harry Potter but really, if you love a good fantasy, try this one out.

Favorite Review You’ve Written This Year?

I’ve only written a handful of full length review on my blog this year since I started doing mini-reviews, but I think my favorite has to be my review of Thirteen Doorways, Wolves Behind Them All by Laura Ruby. I think I said “I enjoyed/loved it” about a hundred times in this review but I also liked the structure of this review.

Most Beautiful Book You Bought This Year?

Oh, easily Felix Ever After by Kacen Callender. Have you seen this beauty? The flowers, the cheekbones, it’s everything!

Clicking the picture will take you to my Instagram, where I post pictures of other pretty books!

What Books Do You Need To Read By The End of The Year?

Besides all of them? Cemetery Boys—final answer. As I mentioned above, if that’s the only book I read this year I’d be perfectly happy with that.

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post. Please consider following for more posts like this! You can also find me on Instagram, Twitter, and Goodreads, or buy me a coffee on ko-fi. Thanks again for reading! Bye for now honeybees.

Love, Destiny

8 thoughts on “Mid Year Book Freakout Tag 2020 | Where Did The Good Books Go?

  1. thebookishmel says:

    okay.. you’ve convinced me to look into Cemetery Boys bc it sounds INCREDIBLE and correct me if I’m wrong but a bOok surrounded by Dia de los Muertos sounds iMMACULATE books surrounding it always underdone in literature and media for younger audiences and i have NO CLUE WHY because its such a fascinating day within the encompassing culture!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. erin from rinsreads says:

    I’ve had Lobizona on my tbr for a few weeks now, but this post is making me so so excited to get my hands on it! Also, I totally agree with you that Felix Ever After is the most gorgeous book on the face of this planet. The orange would usually be a huge eyesore for me, but in this case it’s absolutely stunning!!

    Liked by 1 person

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