Mini Reviews: Paranormal Reads

Desperandum by Pia Mia


List of all the trigger warnings can be found in my Goodreads review!

**I received a free copy from the author in exchange for an honest review, which in no way impact my thoughts.

When I read this a few months back, I rated it 3/5 stars but you know, this book was so disturbing and weird, and it left such a bad taste in my mouth (metaphorically) that I’m bumping down my rating.

This was a quick read and out of the six short stories, I enjoyed two of them. I understand where the author was trying to go with some of them, but the execution just was not it.

***This is not a short story collection of entirely paranormal stories. There are aspects that fall under this category but I do believe it’s more of a horror collection.

The Last Academy by Anne Applegate


This one is very quick and totally bingeable. I finished it almost in one day and I had so much fun with this mysterious and inventive story!

It’s about a girl that goes to a new school after a fallout with her best friend, and discovers that the school isn’t what it seems. A member of the board appears to be behind the disappearances of several girls, and our MC struggles to uncover the truth before she becomes added to the list of forgotten missing girls.

I flew through this book and was not expected the twists at the end. It exceeded my expectations (which, honestly, where pretty low to begin with) and I’d recommend it to anyone who loves a boarding school setting and paranormal activity!

The Faerie Guardian by Rachel Morgan


I read this in two days and wow it was so underwhelming.

This is about a Faerie Guardian who is on a daily assignment to protect a human one day when the human sees her (one rule broken), and then the human follows her into the realm of faeries (probably the biggest rule broken). The story unfolds from there and it was…not amazing.

The plot twists were mostly easy to guess so I wasn’t surprised at all. It was quick but the characters and setting were underdeveloped. I wasn’t expecting a five star read but this qualifies as severely okay.

That’s all for these mini reviews. The first one could have been a full review but I rather not think about that short story collection anymore, and I just didn’t have enough to say about the other two.

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Love, Destiny

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