Book Review: Lost Library by Kate Baray | Bad Reviews But Not A Bad Time

Title: Lost Library by Kate Baray (Lost Library Book 1)

Published: April 14, 2014 by Kate Baray (self published)

Rating: ★★★ 3/5 stars

Links: Goodreads | Amazon US

Noteworthy: Adult paranormal fiction, does contain mature language and scenes, swoon-worthy male love interest. *E-book currently available for free for Prime members on Amazon US*


From Goodreads:

A mysterious and magical book

What’s the point of a book that can’t be read? Lizzie hasn’t a clue, but she does know there’s magic afoot.

When a handsome stranger shows up on her doorstep asking questions and expecting her to have all the answers, she can’t decide if she wants to thump him or kiss him. And John’s revelation that he’s a Lycan doesn’t simplify matters.

Before Lizzie can catch her breath, she and John are caught up in an evil mastermind’s bid for power. Can she and John put a stop to their newfound enemy’s plans?

Take a romp through the life of the quirky and well-meaning Lizzie as she discovers magic, creatures that go bump in the night, and maybe love.


I’m going to be 100% honest and say that the reason I downloaded this book was because the reviews were so horrible. I love me so paranormal romance and I knew I might need a trashy book down the line. But this wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.

Let’s start with the plot, which in and of itself was pretty unique and interesting. Lizzie gets a magic book from God knows who and then werewolves come knocking at her door, telling her that life as she knows it is much more complex than she ever realized. Why she got the book and the question if she can actually do magic or not was intriguing….at first.

Practically the whole novel kept up with those questions, only giving slightly satisfactory answers within the last thirty pages or so. I get that this is the first in a series, but it needs a more intellectual basis than “was this all a big misunderstanding or is she a witch?” The book was fast paced but could have done with more character development.

“But she didn’t want to be rescued. She wanted to rescue herself.”

I have mixed feelings on the characters. Right from the introduction, I disliked Lizzy, and that feeling only intensified as the novel progressed. She’s immature and wacky (in a very odd and unexplained way), and I couldn’t click with her in the slightest. I’ve read YA novels with 16 year olds who were more mature, with more common sense than this chick. But I digress.

John, oh he was something else. *Insert all the heart eyes* I loved him from the get and I wish the whole book was written in his POV, though savored every chapter of his that I got. He was the best for no other reason than he was hot but sweet. The territorial thing was borderline domestic abuse, as is the case with all werewolf characters, but never possessive or disgusting.

I liked the side character Max, but didn’t care for any other characters. The ending was satisfactory enough for a pretty mediocre book. All in all, I won’t be continuing with this series and I don’t recommend it. It wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t anything to boast about either.

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