August TBR + Goals | Senior Year and ARC August

Hello again honeybees! I’m back with my late August TBR and goals. Since school is starting up again on the 14th and it’s my senior year, I’m not expecting too much of myself. In Destinyspeak, that means I’m supposed to move mountains and part oceans. The life of an overachiever, am I right?

But I digress. I always have big, impossible goals and this month is no exception. Here’s to a productive month with healthy amounts of sleep and many successes.

ARC August is something I learned about from Santana Reads on Instagram, and it’s where you focus on a your unread ARCs for the month. I don’t have many arcs, but I’m grateful for the few on my shelves, and I look forward to reading them as soon as possible!

Okay, I think I’ve gone on long enough. Now for the lists:

To Be Read

The Lux series (excluding Obsidian) by Jennifer L Armentrout

I read Obsidian last month and loved it! (Review coming soon.) I’m slowly collecting the series and trying to savor every bit of the sequel. BUT it’s going by so fast and I’m not sure why I’m reading so quickly when I just want it to last forever.

*I believe there are more books in the series than what is shown in the picture above*

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

I bought the mass market paperback a few months back at the thrift store, and since I’m kind of in an audiobook slump, I figured the audio might be a good choice for a night stand read. I’m not going to put any pressure on myself with this one and just put it on when I have spare time before bed or during chores.

The Tenth Girl (ARC) by Sara Faring

I am SO pumped for this one! Every time I see it on my shelf, I just want to lock my door, throw my phone out the window, and crack open this bad boy. I’m an absolute baby when it comes to scary anything so we’ll see how well this goes.

Song of the Abyss (ARC) by Makiia Lucier

An ARC of this was given to everyone who attended a panel at Yallwest (I’m completely blanking on the name of said panel but it was about the royalty troupe in YA) and I was so interested in how the author spoke of her work! Afterward, her signing line was free so I got a quick signature on the book and had a small chat with her—what a doll! I hope I enjoy this as much as I admire the author who wrote it.

The Beholder (ARC) by Anna Bright

I’ve heard this compares to the Selection series and that was all I needed to know. That’s just about it for this one. I hate going into books knowing too much. (Side note: isn’t this cover gorgeous?!)

The Awakening by Kate Chopin

Yes, I haven’t done by summer homework yet and school is starting in a week or so. I’m stressing but it’s fine.


    Read four books. My goal for this month is four, since school is starting in full swing mid-month and I need to learn how to do my homework. Hopefully I’ll be able to develop a good routine, where I’m able to get all my work done and make time for reading and bookish stuff.
    Add a thousand words to my WIP. We’re shooting low here since I haven’t touched that document in about a month and I have no idea what I’m going to do with this story inside me, I just know it has to get out.
    Blog more. I know I should give a number to this goal—something attainable and measurable and blah. Maybe I will. But for now, I just hope to beat last year’s record of 7 posts in a month. I also really want to start planning for Blogmas since I know Blogtober is not an option for me this year, and I love lists!

I feel like I should have more goals but I do need to stop putting unnecessary stress on myself, so here’s my attempt at a “chill” month. Ha.

Do you have any goals for this month? Anything you’re looking forward to? What’s on your TBR for August? Let me know in the comments!

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7 thoughts on “August TBR + Goals | Senior Year and ARC August

  1. Mahana @ Sapphic Library says:

    Sending you positive vibes and good luck for the beginning of senior year! I hope you get to read some amazing books throughout the month and hopefully get back to your WIP! 💕


  2. Joanna Nicole says:

    My goals are to just stick with my schedule that I have written down in my planner for my blog. I am already falling behind from being out of town over the weekend…It’s sad since the month just started. I am hoping to at least read 8 books this month but I feel a reading slump coming on.


  3. Cailin @ Rose Petal Pages says:

    I’m going to California this month to visit family for a couple weeks so I’m really looking forward to that! My tbr is mainly filled with ebooks and audiobooks so I don’t have to lug any hardcovers with me traveling. My main goal for August is to try to keep scheduling blog posts in advance and try to put out more content!


    • Destiny, MyHoneyReads says:

      Thank you! 💖 And I know! I’m almost done with my UC application essays and I’m hoping to submit those to my teacher this weekend. The Awakening is SO boring though but at least I have until sixth period on Wednesday (the first day of school) to finish it and complete the journal thing we were assigned

      Liked by 1 person

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