July TBR + Goals

Hello again honeybees! Yes, it’s me, procrastinating in the summer when I have virtually nothing that stops me from devoting my time to all things bookish. I just love my bed so much. Anyway, here’s a very vague TBR with ambitious goals, because those two things go great together.

To Be Read

Obsidian by Jennifer L Armentrout

This has been on my TBR for years. Actual years. I have a physical copy and need to start reading ASAP. I’m in need of a good paranormal romance right now.

The Angolan Girl by Telma Rocha

I received an ARC of this book from the author and since I’m writing this late, I can say that I actually finished this one. Yeah, I procrastinated pretty bad this time. This book comes out July 13. My review will be up soon!

The Awakening by Kate Chopin

This was assigned for AP Lit, so I’ll definitely be finishing this before the end of summer. I have nothing else to say about it because I’m honestly not sure what it’s about (?)


  • Read ten books. I’m secretly aiming for more than ten but if I hit the target, then I’ll at least be happy. Can I do it? Probably not.
  • Write 15k words of Project ILYT. I’m going into July with a word count of roughly 1.5k words, so we’ll see what happens. Hopefully Camp Nano helps me get close.
  • Finish my summer homework. Why am I including this in my bookish blog post? Because I have to write four essays for my UC applications, which I’ll be submitting in mere months. This is the part where I shut my computer and try not to freak out.
  • Write a short story. Every summer, my local bookstore hosts a Young Writers Short Story Contest and every year I chicken out. I only have one year left to enter, so I’m throwing my hat into the ring.
  • Post six times on my blog. This was my goal for June and while I didn’t meet it (by one post), I did pre-write two book reviews that I’ll be posting soon! Go me!

That’s wraps things up for this reasonable TBR and unreasonable set of goals. Do you have any goals for the month? Which book are you excited to read soon? Let me know in the comments!

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