June 2019 Wrap Up | I Actually Followed My TBR?

Hello again honeybees! June is over and I’m sad to see Pride Month go again, and even more sad to see the severe lack of LGBTQ+ reads on my wrap up. However, I did manage to follow my TBR more closely than I ever have before, and I’m proud of myself for that.

If you want to see my TBR and goals, I’ll link that right here. As for the wrap up, let’s get started!

Books Read

Guardian by A.J. Messenger

I’ll have a review for this one up sometime this week, but it was a pretty enjoyable read and I liked it more than I thought I would.


Matilda by Roald Dahl

I decided to read this one on a whim, as it’s pretty short and I was cleaning for several hours. While it wasn’t exactly like the movie (that I adore), it was a fun read and the perfect book for a muggy day inside cleaning.


Cloaked In Shadow by Ben Alderson

This was another one that I picked up without really thinking about it, and absolutely loved it. You can read my full review here, but the gist of is that this story about gay elves and secret magic really made my Pride month.


Bloom by Kevin Panetta

Bloom is a very quick, very cute graphic novel that I’m happy to include in my Pride month wrap up. Unfortunately, it was the second and last LGBTQ+ book I read this month. Sad.


Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Saenz

This was a reread of one of my favorites (if not my favorite book ever) and I gave it a 5/5 stars. This time, I listened to the audiobook but I really want to physically reread it soon.


The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien

Ughh this book! People have been raving about it for years and the moment i pick it up, I fall in love. I absolutely loved Bilbo Baggins, the plot, and the whole vibe of the story. Seriously, this one is a new favorite and I have been thinking about it everyday since I finished the beautiful book.


The Last Battle by C.S. Lewis

I have nothing to say about this book except the ending killed me.


While my goal was to read ten books this month, I am pretty proud of how much I managed to read, given that I was busy with summer school and crazy life happenings.

Other Happenings

  • I started to post everyday on Instagram for about a week, and it went very well! I saw much better engagement and hope to continue the increased posting in the future
  • I became a rep for Rustic Pages! I’ll link Kat’s Instagram here, bookmark shop here, and blog right here. I’m super excited to start my term this month!
  • Project 2am got scrapped, becoming Project ILYT, which I hope to develop more in July. I’m sad I had to trash almost 20k words, and the longest draft of a WIP that I have, but it had to be done.

And that just about wraps things up! I didn’t accomplish all my goals because things change, I learned how to adapt to these changes. I’m looking forward to a new month where I can grow more and create new memories.


How was your month? Did you accomplish your goals? Was there any surprises? (Good or bad?)

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4 thoughts on “June 2019 Wrap Up | I Actually Followed My TBR?

  1. lydia @ clockwrkwords says:

    okaaaayyyy, i think I might actually be the only one who hasn’t read Ari and Dante…..-_- I should really get on it, everyone raves about it all the time!


  2. thebookishmel says:

    I definitely am on the minority in how I feel about Ari and Dante so I need to give it a reread for sure to really understand why everyone loves it so much and why I didnt. In terms of my goals though, I need to work on getting back on track for a good chunk of them! So I’m hoping in July to write a ton more for my blog, upload videos more consistently, and post more consistently on Insa!


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