March Wrap Up: Longer Month and Procrastination

Hello again honeybees! I had big goals for March and…well…you see, what had happened was I didn’t do anything this month. Seriously. At the middle of the month, I didn’t go to school, write, read, work on bookstagram, blog, etc. But that’s life for you. Slumps happen.

Here’s my Wrap Up, consisting of mostly audiobooks that I had read in the beginning of the year.

Books Read

An Absolutely Remarkable Thing by Hank Green

5/5 stars

I read most of this in February but binged the rest during the first weekend of the month. I loved this book and enjoyed it more than I thought I would! I’m not in the business of comparing siblings so don’t expect a comment about John Green (also known as my first favorite author.) Hank stood out in his own right and this was one of the best debuts I’ve read in a quick minute. I definitely recommend the audiobook, especially since Hank Green lends his voice in the closing chapter.

Maus: A Survivor’s Tale (vol. 1) by Art Spiegelman

4/5 stars

I binged this in a single day and it was something else. While it didn’t quite meet my expectations, it showed a truly human side to those who lived through the Holocaust and I appreciate this narrative.

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondō

4/5 stars

I also binged this, I think within the same weekend as the rest. It was surprisingly good! I’m not necessarily one for self help/self improvement books but this was engaging and personable. I wasn’t really looking to tidy up my life, so I can’t tell you how effective this is in helping with tidying up, but it’s an enjoyable read nonetheless.

UnEnchanted by Chanda Hahn

4/5 stars

I unabashedly loved this cringey book. Oh, the writing was fairly horrible, the situations were cliche, and the main character was worse than Bella Swan on a bad day. But it was cute and I loved the twist on the Grimm Brother’s fairytales.

One Day In The Life of Ivan Denisovich by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

2.7/5 stars

This was one of the March picks for New Classic Book Club, hosted by yours truly along with my friend Lydia. Lydia had nothing but great things to say about it so I was excited to read it, but it didn’t meet my expectations. The only saving grace was the narrator whose voice was perfection. Overall this was just monotonous and I cannot say I’m glad to have read it.

Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan

4.5/5 stars

I squeezed in this audiobook in the last two days of March and boy am I happy I did. This was such a good story, told almost completely like the movie, which I loved. But maybe the movie did too well of a job because I actually think I prefer it to the book. Astrid was hands down the best part of this book and I’m unsure if I will continue on with this series.

Blog, Instagram, and Writing

My goal this month was to publish seven (7) blog posts. It seemed achievable and likely but I overestimated myself yet again. I ended up publishing three (3) so we’re just going to chalk that up to wanting quality over quantity.

This month was very successful for me on Bookstagram. I was apart of a MTMC book tour that honestly scared me so much because I was scheduled alongside so many big and beautiful accounts. However, my small corner of the internet got bigger and I reached 2.6k and gained over one hundred followers in a single week!

I’m truly surprised that people view and enjoy my content, both on Instagram and here. Thank you for your support!

Writing wise, I wrote a bit more than 3,000 words towards what I fully intend to be the first draft I actually finish from title page to acknowledgements. (I’m not actually writing acknowledgments but you get the picture.) I’m about a quarter of the way through my book and wow I’m not crying you are.

How was your month? Did you get a lot of reading done or did you get in a slump like me? When will I ever post my April TBR? The world may never know.

Bye for now honeybees.

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