Identity Crisis: Hogwarts House Edition

Hello again honeybees! Today I’m here with part 1 of my Identity Crisis series, which I understand needs some explanation. Also, I’m totally avoiding Valentine’s Day which is why I decided to shy away from a mushy romantic post.

So if you didn’t know, I’m 16 years old, meaning I am very far from a mid-life crisis. But I am changing a ton, especially since I first read Harry Potter five years ago.

People ask about my Hogwarts House all the time and it’s all over bookstagram! I can’t avoid it, though I wish I could. I’ve always been a proud Ravenclaw until I started to feel a lot like a Hufflepuff.

Hence, the conflict.

The Conflict

(In big letters to make it look important)

In 2013-2014, I took the Pottermore Sorting Hat quiz and was sorted into Ravenclaw. I related wholeheartedly to Hermione Granger and was a total try hard in school so it made sense.

I was locked out of my Pottermore account a few years later and made a new one in 2017. Upon taking the Sorting Hat quiz again, I got Ravenclaw.

(Old picture yikes)

What’s the problem? You ask. It seems like I have consistent results. Yes, until….

Fast forward to 2019. On Instagram, someone’s QOTD (question of the day) is “what cabin do you belong to?” Which is a reference to Percy Jackson. Your godly parent determines your cabin.

Where is this going? Hold on. So I took a quiz and got Athena, which perfectly aligns with Ravenclaw. No biggie. Then I though “you know, I haven’t done a sorting hat quiz in awhile.”

So I went down the rabbit hole of Hogwarts House quizzes. I took 8 quizzes plus the Pottermore Sorting Hat quiz, and here are my stats:

Ravenclaw– 3

Hufflepuff– 4

Gryffindor– 1

Pottermore Results: Hufflepuff

What Hogwarts House are you in? Do you feel like over time you’ve switched houses? What house do you think I belong to?

Also, do you think McGonagall would let me switch houses in my six year? Random thought.

Bye for now honeybees and I guess Happy Valentine’s Day….just joking, have a happy V-Day whether you’re spending it with your significant other, friends, family, books, etc.

8 thoughts on “Identity Crisis: Hogwarts House Edition

  1. bookloverkate says:

    I was Slytherin when I was at uni in 2013/2014… then a few months ago I thought I’d take the pottermore quiz again, why not, and now I’m Hufflepuff?! How does that happen??

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  2. lydia @ pages of verity says:

    i feel you on such a personal level holy crapballs

    when i first got into hp i was OBSESSED with the idea of being ravenclaw. my ten-ish year old brain was like “if you’re not in ravenclaw, you’re stupid because you’re not hermione” or something like that, so the first wo times i took the test i tried (and succeeded) to get ravenclaw. 11 year old me probably would’ve been sorted into ravenclaw. then a few years ago, i started feeling less ravenclawish and i retook the test and got slytherin. then i got slytherin again. and then again. but at the same time, i only felt 50/50. now, about 90% of the time that i take sorting quizzes from any website, i get slytherin. im cool with that. my mom’s a slytherin, i like the aesthetic, and i am completely aware of the fact that most of the time i wouldn’t be able to solve a riddle so i could, like, get into ravenclaw tower. everything was cool until like two weeks ago when i took about 50 buzzfeed quizzes and KEPT GETTING GRYFFINDOR. i’m 14 and am having a mid-life crisis. FOURTEEN. i mean, at least 4 days of the week, i feel pretty slytherin, but still

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    • Destiny says:

      I wholeheartedly relate to this. I never feel fully Hufflepuff, even though Huffles are the best. I’ve always been Ravenclaw and I feel like I’m losing a sense of my identity by not being Ravenclaw any more. It’s very discomforting

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