Winter Book Tag | Blogmas Day 5

Hello again honeybees! Today I’ll be doing my first ever book tag!! I found the winter book tag on Instagram and am not quite sure who started it, so if you know the creator please do tell me so I can credit them. And now, onto the tag!

Snowflake (a book that made you shiver): Wink Poppy Midnight. I didn’t finish the book because it was too odd and creepy for me but I definitely won’t foret it anytime soon.

Hot Drinks (a book that made you feel cozy): I’m going to be unoriginal and say Harry Potter, especially the Christmas at Hogwarts scenes.

Scarf (a book with a beautiful wintry cover): This one is tough. I’ve only read one true to form Christmas book, which was Let It Snow by John Green, Maureen Johnson, and Lauren Myracle. 

Boots (a book that kept you on your toes): Stalking Jack the Ripper for sure. I read it a little over a year ago but I remember not knowing who was Jack the Ripper and gasping like crazy at practically every chapter. 

Snowman (favorite bookish sidekicks): I don’t know of a lot of these so I’m going to say Iko from the Lunar Chronicles because she was hilarious.

Gloves (a character with sticky fingers, a thief): My first thought was Mare Barrow from the Red Queen series. I’ll never forget reading this on Christmas, the opening scene being Mare pick pocketing on the way to a death match.

Winter Cold (a book that made you feel sick): Unfortunately, this goes to Turtles All The Way Down by John Green. It was written so well that I got triggered and was sick for a long time after.

Ice Skate (an elegant but dangerous character): Dorian Havilliard from Throne of Glass. This princeling can get downright dangerous and I’m so here for it.

Skip on the Ice (a character that can’t be trusted): I feel like there are so many untrustworthy characters in the books I’ve read but I cannot think of a single one. 

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