Blogmas 2018!

Hello again bibliophiles! Today I have a very exciting announcement (bet you can’t guess what it is), I’m participating in Blogmas this year!! Okay so the title might have been a dead giveaway but I’m still super excited!

For those that don’t know what Blogmas is, it’s basically a blogger challenge with the goal of posting everyday for the entire month of December. I’m a newbie blogger and just recently found out about this event during Blogtober, which is pretty much the same thing. (At least I think so, major grimacing right now.)

Can I Actually Do It?

Oof, isn’t that the question. I was lagging on Blogmas prep so it seems like I’m getting off on the wrong foot, and I post on my blog what? twice a month? And I was supposed to have this post up on Saturday…*hides under my tbr* So I’m probably not the horse most people would bet on in this kind of situation but I’m super excited to try!

Hopefully this will help me better my blogging and organization skills as well because I’m a fairly new blogger. My blog might get messy as I try to figure out what works and what doesn’t while also meeting my daily quota of a post a day.

What’s Coming To My Blog:

  • Harry Potter series review (third time reread)
  • The Best of 20-gay-teen (this year’s YA LGBTQ+ highlights)
  • Quick Reads To Meet Your Goodreads Goal
  • Anticipated 2019 releases
  • Backlogged book reviews (including ACOTAR and What If It’s Us)

And so much more!!

Will you be participating in Blogmas? Do you have any blog posts you want to see on here?

And if you have blog and I’m not following you, what am I doing, drop me a comment and I’ll follow immediately. I need more to read! (Haha that’s a lie but still.)

Bye for now bibliophiles.

Love, Destiny

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