Hello Again: Life Updates

Hola! So I deserted my blog for a good three months, and I sincerely apologize for that. (Lol, yeah, I’m sure the two people who keep up with my blog are so hurt by my absence.)

I just thought I’d forewarn you that a lot of reviews are going to be posted within the next week or so. I’d also like to know what you guys want to read. Tags? Posts about my life? Do you want to read some of my writing? Please comment below because I’d love to create some new content and I need ideas!

Why I’ve Been Gone

There isn’t a lot of reason for this. I’ve been active on Instagram and Goodreads, as I’ve been reading quite a lot. Now my Instagram isn’t doing as well as I’d hoped so I thought I’d go back to my comfort zone: writing.

Confession: I have been avoiding my blog. I feel like no one reads it (because only a handful of people do) and it makes me really disappointed in myself. But I’m committed to making this blog better.

I’ve also had some health issues that have taken up more time and energy than I care to admit. I’m still reading, which means that I am okay, and I have even gotten back to writing, which is the best thing. I love writing just as much as reading and I’m happy to get back to this blog and to my unfinished stories.

Thank you for reading this (especially if you didn’t skim like I usually do with blog posts.) Bye for now bibliophiles.

Love, Destiny

4 thoughts on “Hello Again: Life Updates

  1. Tel says:

    I sometimes find it hard to post a blog when I know that nobody is reading it. However, at the end of the day if it makes you happy then you should keep doing it no matter who reads it! 😁

    Ps. I read the entire thing without skimming!

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  2. Abbey Davis says:

    I think you should do tags and life and about your writing!!!! I love your blog and I think it is so amazing! Your content is amazing and so is your instagram. I just thing social media is horrible with showing posts to others who do not look on accounts a lot. I hope you are okay and doing well! -Abbey from insta!


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